Living an authentic life

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We teach others how to treat us: I working with a client today and made a comment: We teach others how to treat us. As if preparation meets opportunity, I came across this article that I wanted to share with all of you. I share my christian faith with the author and after reading … [Read more...]

#10 SuperPowers of Corporate Wide Strategy

These are some of my favorite people. is a tool I use in my business coaching entrepreneurs to greater profitability. Take a listen to Erica, and see if she wont help you better understand corporate wide strategic planning.   … [Read more...]

# 9 SuperPowers ROI


​   Wonderful review of the ROI for effective coaching. I coach entrepreneurs for greater influence and increased profits. This CBS Money Watch article does a stellar effort revealing the true value of … [Read more...]

#8 SuperPowers of Entrepreneuring

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I am an evangelist of HOPE! It’s a SuperPower! I am declaring that this is the most perfect time to start your new endeavor.   Go ahead and incubate that vision. Launch the business ship of your dreams. It’s Now time. It’s Go … [Read more...]

#7 SuperPowers of Leadership


Genuine Leadership I have a favorite book. It’s becoming my go to source. James Autry wrote it. My heart embraced it. The Servant Leader, How to build a creative team, develop great moral, and improve bottom line performance. It’s a well-rounded, though out presentation. The exact opposite of … [Read more...]

#6 SuperPowers of a Dad


IT'S TOO COLD TO DO ANYTHING BUT PLAY GOLF Its been 14 years and I still miss you!   Dad, the wind Is blowing real hard. Number 3 tee will feel like a hurricane. I liked the old green. Wish the course still played as a nine holer. Sure, I’ll play. If you want to? It’s too cold to do … [Read more...]